May 27, 2011

gwrite:HTML5 rich text editor

Gwrite is a simple HTML5 rich text editor based on GTK+. The interface is very clean. It is light weight with all the features that a basic HTML editor should have. You can insert pictures, create tables, view the HTML source, insert special characters and math equations and much more. It can installed on Ubuntu.

gwrite has the following features:

  • HTML5 file format
  • Standard word processing user interface
  • Content structure oriented word processing
  • Title style table of contents production
  • Similar navigation/documentation views in Microsoft Word
  • Paragraph selection when double or right click in navigation view
  • Word count: for document or selections, count the words(with and without spaces), paragraphs, lines, English words, Chinese characters.
  • Images inclusion via Base64
To install the gwrite visit