Mar 7, 2014

Mozilla launches $25 smart phone

Mozilla has launched its much awaited smart phone that costs only $25. With this Mozilla has redifined the entry level smart phone segment. Under the hood is 1GHz snapdragon processor and mere 128 MB of RAM which is only 25 to 50 percent of the RAM found in existing entry-level devices on the market. The 3.5 inch smart phone runs on Firefox OS.

It remains to be seen as to what smart things can a user do on a device with mere 128 MB.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress 2014, Mitchell Baker said that making an affordable devices isn't easy and they've challenged themselves to make Firefox a robust, affordable, interoperable platform that works at all price points. Mozilla's initiative could help millions on users in the emerging markets to switch to smart phones. 

Google Glass App reads emotions and facial expressions.

Emotient, has designed an innovative Google Glass app that recognizes emotions and facial expressions such as positive, negative, or neutral, and different emotions ranging from simple emotions like joy, surprise, sadness, fear, to more complex emotions like frustration and confusion. However, there aren't much privacy concerns as the app doesn't record any expression that it interprets.

Emotient said that its app may come handy for retailers looking to improve customer service, and assist workers who might not be good at picking up on emotional cues.

"We believe there is broad applicability for this service to improve the customer experience, particularly in retail," Ken Denman, Emotient CEO, said in a statement.