Mar 29, 2013

Enterprises increase Linux adoption

The adoption of Linux in enterprises will witness a significant growth says a report by The Linux Foundation. 2013 Enterprise End User Report produced by The Linux Foundation in partnership with Yeoman Technology Group reveals that the growth of enterprise Linux will outpace windows.

Enterprise organizations identify Linux as the dominant platform for cloud computing with nearly 76 percent using Linux servers for cloud and 74 percent planning to maintain or increase Linux use for future cloud initiatives. In the area of new applications, services and greenfield deployments, more than 75 percent of organizations report deploying Linux in the last two years.

The findings are a result of a global survey conducted with members of The Linux Foundation’s End User Council as well as other companies and organizations with sales of more than $500 million and/or 500+ employees. The survey is intended to provide important guidance for Linux users, vendors and developers rather than provide an assessment of the overall penetration of Linux in the market.

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