Jul 21, 2014

Multi linguistic feature support in Google Now

The developing team of Google has come up with a new feature of Multi language support after the launch of “Ok Google” feature that can allow you to search anything on net just with few words from your mouth. I personally feel that Google is becoming our assistant that can make our work easy from every edge. The switching to different languages can be now done in the fly without changing any settings to get your demanding language. It can respond to seven languages primarily that have been set by the user in the customized settings. 

It was quite a complicated stuff for the developers as well as the testing team to approve it and give a final decision. That is why; it is still under the consideration of testing department. Till they approve it okay without any bug, the app will not be officially published in the market. In the coming summer, the feature will probably ship from the company, as per announced from the sources.

The app will allow using seven languages at a time without any hindrance. You can select your secondary languages from the settings menu but your favorite’s ones will be prioritized. The app will respond accordingly to the language spoken by you. It will initially search in the primary section and then go for the secondary one if found unavailable in the first round off. For an instance, if you will speak Hindi, the app will recognize the language and will respond accordingly and switch to the spoken language and at the very moment if your utter a word from some other language, it will switch to that language. In the similar manner, the user can set up seven languages and switch to them.

Google must have made dedicated efforts for this feature since switching simultaneously to many languages is not an easy thing and managing them requires excellent logistics and efficiency. But, since it has been developed, the testing phase is utilizing much time and will probably be finished soon only. Various bugs were being detected by the authorities and are now focusing on resolving them and not let users to complain for it in anyone. Since, Google is a big brand and cannot let its name in drain due to some flaky issues. No date has been finalized by the company yet to announce this spec but the resources have said that by the end of this summer, it will be introduced.

Let’s cross our fingers and wait for this slave to be injected in our devices very soon with the successful results.

Sony xperia C3, the best selfie smart phone

Guys, you can never underestimate the very renowned brand Sony and this has been proven once again with the entry of the Xperia C3. The mid-range smart phone has been ingrained with many exclusive features but it has been in talks of every second person because of its unbeatable best selfie phone with adequate features.

When I glanced at the alluring features of the smart phone, I was bewildered and a feel of something unique came in to my mind. I found it pretty good because of following reasons:
  • It provides an ultimate pro selfie app to update your social networking sites at the very moment. The brilliant imaging capability of the phone and the contrast of the specs give a wonderful photography experience to the users. The main highlighting point of the phone is the front facing camera that has made it a standing one in the league.
  • The smart phone not only is equipped with the 5 mega pixel front facing camera with perfect angles but a flash too that lets you capture any moment in the darkness also. Just click the selfie and update it to your friends and close ones without any edit or something.
  • The rear camera is also not less; it is 8 mega pixels which actually gives a clearer picture.
  • The other luring feature is the Dual sim compatibility of the device that lets your switch to any number anytime.
  • It basically runs on the new operating system of Android i.e. Kitkat 4.4 which will give a new experience to the users with the OS also.
  • The large smart phone has a 5.5 inch HD display screen and works on a 1.2 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
  • The smart phone will be available in various color options such as black, white and other mint colors which are not accurately still revealed by the company.
  • The device supports 4G data and has a Bluetooth 4.0 ingrained in it.
  • The phone has in- built 8 GB storage and thus one can store all the relevant data and enough amounts of media also in the cell phone only.

  • The classy phone is of optimal weight, that is approximately 150 g and 7.6 mm thin which thus leads to an optimal weight of the phone and comes with a staggering 2500mAh battery.

The phone is most likely to be released in the market in the early August and will probably going to hit the market with new trends. The phone will be in much demand because it will be at an average price range so will attract every type of customer towards it.

Jul 17, 2014

Motorola’s smartphones impressive performance leading to high sales

Are you tired and bored of the ongoing brands of smartphones that are going in the market with the little modifications in their next releasing model and the price range hikes every time even with a single minor changes? If yes, then I am one of them. to get apart from this league of vague smartphones, the Motorola phones are the rising stars in this financial year, renowned to be a low budget phone with all its exclusive tech savvy features that a normal person requires in his or her mobile phone. The fresh and innovative design cell phones revealed by the company has got so much popularity that around 1 million Motorola smart phones have been sold in India only within 5 months. If we ponder upon it, this sale is a remarkable landmark improvement for the company where their name was on the verge to drown in the past years because of outdated technologies. The release of various updated devices has made it in a looming state in the market.

Three major releases of the company that has made it the supreme one in the market are Moto E, Moto G and Moto X. The sales of these phones are carried out mostly through the online shopping sites apart from the mobile dealers and stores. As per the statistics, this milestone has been achieved by the Moto E by selling around 285,000 units on average and 180,000 units of the Moto G. the brand will most probably be one of the top vendors of the smartphones in India with the push of these two handy devices.

Getting the latest technology with an impressive phone and Android operating system at an optimal price range is actually a big thing. Some of their luring features like long durable battery life, more than average performance and throughput and some tricky apps that you might have never used before makes it the commendable one. The Touchless control capability makes it the touch free and let your commands to be followed only on verbal basis. The camera quality has also been improved to a great extent and the front and rear camera has been improvised with the digital picture qualities. One can also install the further camera apps and make it more interesting and exciting. You can actually snap some of the best videos and cameras. The designs of the smartphones are very appealing with the slick and thin look. The color options are the normal ones available with all other smartphones with a rigged body type and hard core resistible material. The screen sizes are also appreciable and make it among the ones with wide display screens.

If you are looking for some change for your mobile phone and have a limited budget too, then no device other than the Motorola’s can satisfy your needs and situation. The new buyers and even the old buyers must have a glance at these phones. The brand will most probably at the top of the smartphones vendors list.

Better support for Gmail and Camera apps by Google

Google is such an innovative team that brings forth new updates every day to excel their services and attracting the audience towards its luring apps and its features. The brand has notified certain updates to the most commonly used apps of Gmail and Camera. The refurbishment of the various apps have been done few days back only when the company realized that the apps need some update now for its better accessibility by the people and keep the audience stick to them with the new ingrained features.

The work was done even on the Search option by the Google but the major changes were amended in two apps – Gmail and Camera app respectively. Newer versions of both the Google Play Stores have been introduced.

Renew of Google Camera:

The camera version of the Google has been renewed to the version 2.3.017 from the older version 2.2.024 (about a month ago only). This change in the camera app brings up to the reliable support to the Android wear which is also a new release by the Android and is in much trend now days. Improvisations have been made in the camera features such as panorama interface has been revised. The users can use this new app as a remote shutter. You can easily open the app on your Android mobile phone and then create a card to make it default for the proper functioning. The camera will capture the photograph at the time duration customized by you and hence will show the captured image on your wrist screen.

Renew of Gmail:

The significant update that has been made to the every time communication site, Gmail is that it has been brought up to 4.8 versions from the 4.7 version and hence undoubtedly the performance has also been improvised with the new update. The blunt memory persons would be very happy to get this update because they can retrieve the mails directly from the Google cloud storage. You need to save the files to the Google Drive so that whenever you demand for it, it immediately pops up in front of you. The attachments from the Google Drive Integration can be made just as like the normal attachments and is found on the action overflow option residing in the coampose menu. A little update has been also done to the settings menu bar and shifts it to the left side bar.
All these updated features will be available to the users through the Play store within few coming days and they can enjoy them without any hindrance.

Jul 11, 2014

Android L – 6 new mouth watering features in the next big Android revealed

Billion users of Android is a sure sign that it has grown from leaps to bounds. Google has no plans to rest and is in pursuit to reveal another big upgrade in Androids. Android L is scheduled to be unveiled by the end of this year. Many companies have set their eyes on this version and they are hopeful to make huge profits by launching new phones at the time of Android L launch.

Below are few stunning attractions of Android L

Design of material

Material design will offer better looks to the screen, brighter colors and better animated. This aims to create a consistent looks in different types and sizes of devices. More emphasis is on developing better screen elements, scales and shadows. This is also aimed to disallow the third party vendor from developing android like overlays. This material design will not be limited only to phones but other Google properties such as, Gmail will also be taking benefit by changing it’s whole visual experience.

Notifications bettered

This will give freedom to the users to change and manage their notifications very easily as compared to the present scenario. One can choose that how much details a notification should reveal and which notifications should be visible on the screen.
Head’s up is another unique notification which appears on the top side of any application which a person is operating and this type of notification can be easily dismissed when required.

Project Volta, Battery improvements

Android L is better equipped to handle battery lapses. It gives authority to the users to track down the sources of battery drain. Android L is also good at reducing the rate of screen refresh and declining the frequency of data exchanges.
The biggest feature that android L offers as far as battery improvement is concerned that it forces apps to change their behavior keeping in mind the status of battery.

Google fit
Google is no mug when it comes to activity and health tracking. They are working on tracking health status by the help of big partners like, Nike, Adidas, HTC, Asus, LG and Motorola. Google fit examines physical activities, food intake, heart beat and breathing rate.
Better web integration

This gives a great experience as now you will be able to jump from one app to another in a blink of an eye as there will be individual entries to different applications.
Links on the webs now can be directly opened and there will be no falling back of website in case of the app is not installed on the device. Google have recently demonstrated opening up a restaurant, in Chrome and then opening the link to not only launch the application but also to bring up restaurant’s booking page.

Enterprise users can proliferate from this feature. Managing work data can become very easy for corporate administrators. This feature gives a tremendous management of one’s work through a small device. This feature aims to attract people from business background.

Jul 9, 2014

Android entering the market of wearable with smart watches

Android wear is in the debate topic now days at every tech savvy person and at release of every device, there are every type of reviews. Some will give positive response, few will criticize on its inventory while there are some neutral persons who do not give any response till they get a real picture of what actually the thing is and what are its specifications. So, this blog is for those smart people who do not come to any conclusion until gone in to the roots of the plant. The query of the unrevealed features and benefits of the Android wear smart watch must be gobbling in various minds.

The LG G watch has been published officially in the market with the new tech features that have been put by the Android team for the first time. This smart watch will be somewhat a replacement to the smart phones. Well, frankly speaking, I usually have a glance for at least 120 to 125 times in a day at my cell phone to check the notifications and other messaging works and sometimes just to have a look at the updates. But, now a freak like me need not to make efforts to bring out the cell phone from the pockets or the bags, just access your smart watch and get updated with the latest news.

The real time information and even the minutest detail will be reached to you with this smart watch. Your wrist jewelry will follow your commands on your voice only. Just order your watch and get the things done. The Android wear is not only equipped with the LG G watch but also in the Samsung Gear Live which gives a tough competition to the former in the market. Both of them differ in few features that can even be ignored by a naïve person but still the one with even a minor victory can steal the show. Some features like the heart tracking app is not ingrained in the LG G watch whereas both the watches run on the same platform and operating system but just the producing brand will matter.

No doubt the alluring features are available on the smart phones also and actually in a much better and improved way but the point is that some lazy gooks like me would not like to make efforts to take out the phone every minute to check the new alert or one more beep but accessing the watch tied on your wrist is much easier and fashion statement. Most expectedly other brands in the league will also input some similar device in the market in the coming years.

8.9 inch HTC Volantis with other enticing features

After a long silence, HTC has come up with a peck of waves in the market of technology with the HTC Volantis that has captivated the eyes of critics apart from the common man. The entry to the tablet genre of HTC has once again raised a hope to make it still stand able in the Indian market. Some tints of the features of the new device along with an image have been exposed from the insiders but few sources claim it to be the fake image. Now, this doubt will be cleared only at the official release of the phone.

The Volantis features a 64 GB inbuilt storage memory and 5GB DDDR3 RAM. The camera quality is believed to be one of the alluring features that could be around -5 to -8 pixels with full HD video recording and image capturing grading. The display of the tablet which will be probably 8.9 inch with an enticing WQXGA technology display feature will make the device demanding one in the market.

The device is most likely to be published officially in the fourth quarter of the year. All the specifications are not final yet since these are just the leaked information from some of the officials of the company only. Rumors can be proved false also but mostly the info revealed from the company officials proves to be accurate only. Rest, the whole story will be affirmed with its entry in the market. The tablet could be embedded with the latest version of Android i.e. Kitkat 4.4 operating system.
The pricing quotes are also spread in the market. With 16 GB memory slot, the price range may get up to $399 whereas for 32 GB memory card slot, the price can range up to $499.
The design of the tablet will be somewhat the combo of Nexus 7 and LG Nexus 5. The body of the tablet is most likely to be of the silver aluminum. The hard core of body of the tablet is for its long durability and protection.
The mystery still remains questionable because neither Google nor HTC has revealed any doubts or even hints for the release of any device in the coming times. It’s just the tech latest rumors that have become the discussion topic among the mass.

Jul 7, 2014

Volvo to add Android auto in the forthcoming automation

Volvo has geared up its vehicle becoming the Android savvy with the ground smashing user interface features. The cluster of the excellence automotive industry and the most widely accepted and used smartphone platform will be a sign of progress and vigor in the market. The Volvo company has announced that XC90 will be the first android auto vehicle in the industry and will surely create boom among the people. It will be revealed to auto car lovers in the October this year.

Resources have leaked this information earlier only that the vehicle will be scaled with the android operating systems but until any detail comes from the authority’s end, no one can assure it.

There will be all Android features embedded on the large touchscreen besides the front driver’s seat so that all can access it easily from their seats only. The console of the screen will be quite user friendly and large that one need not to discomfort them from their postures. This addition to the Volvo cars will probably be the best ingrained feature in the recent times in the automotive industry. For sure, the Volvo vehicles will be recognized for their simplicity and now because of their high graded functionality.

The ease to use the digital ecosystem by giving an easy access to their smartphones and tablets through the front desk touchscreen will be an exclusive feature for them. This complementary feature of the company will undoubtedly be an icing on the cake and make its demand very high in the coming times among the people.

The Google will provide the users with an easy course to the Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play and various others software. One of the best captivating aspects of the ingrained feature is that all the commands and grants to the Android apps can be managed through your voice or your steering wheel control even. The driver needs not to distract him or her from the driving and make necessary changes. All will be done from your steering wheel controller or few words uttered from your mouth. It leads to both secure and effortless driving experience to the people.

The Android phone and car content will be available on the touch screen simultaneously and you need not to switch between them anyway. This feature is predicted to be present in all cars to be ingrained in the coming times but will start its production in the market with the XC 90. We have crossed our fingers and waiting for the October month to get the glance of the showcase of the car Android features.