Jul 11, 2014

Android L – 6 new mouth watering features in the next big Android revealed

Billion users of Android is a sure sign that it has grown from leaps to bounds. Google has no plans to rest and is in pursuit to reveal another big upgrade in Androids. Android L is scheduled to be unveiled by the end of this year. Many companies have set their eyes on this version and they are hopeful to make huge profits by launching new phones at the time of Android L launch.

Below are few stunning attractions of Android L

Design of material

Material design will offer better looks to the screen, brighter colors and better animated. This aims to create a consistent looks in different types and sizes of devices. More emphasis is on developing better screen elements, scales and shadows. This is also aimed to disallow the third party vendor from developing android like overlays. This material design will not be limited only to phones but other Google properties such as, Gmail will also be taking benefit by changing it’s whole visual experience.

Notifications bettered

This will give freedom to the users to change and manage their notifications very easily as compared to the present scenario. One can choose that how much details a notification should reveal and which notifications should be visible on the screen.
Head’s up is another unique notification which appears on the top side of any application which a person is operating and this type of notification can be easily dismissed when required.

Project Volta, Battery improvements

Android L is better equipped to handle battery lapses. It gives authority to the users to track down the sources of battery drain. Android L is also good at reducing the rate of screen refresh and declining the frequency of data exchanges.
The biggest feature that android L offers as far as battery improvement is concerned that it forces apps to change their behavior keeping in mind the status of battery.

Google fit
Google is no mug when it comes to activity and health tracking. They are working on tracking health status by the help of big partners like, Nike, Adidas, HTC, Asus, LG and Motorola. Google fit examines physical activities, food intake, heart beat and breathing rate.
Better web integration

This gives a great experience as now you will be able to jump from one app to another in a blink of an eye as there will be individual entries to different applications.
Links on the webs now can be directly opened and there will be no falling back of website in case of the app is not installed on the device. Google have recently demonstrated opening up a restaurant, in Chrome and then opening the link to not only launch the application but also to bring up restaurant’s booking page.

Enterprise users can proliferate from this feature. Managing work data can become very easy for corporate administrators. This feature gives a tremendous management of one’s work through a small device. This feature aims to attract people from business background.