Jul 21, 2014

Multi linguistic feature support in Google Now

The developing team of Google has come up with a new feature of Multi language support after the launch of “Ok Google” feature that can allow you to search anything on net just with few words from your mouth. I personally feel that Google is becoming our assistant that can make our work easy from every edge. The switching to different languages can be now done in the fly without changing any settings to get your demanding language. It can respond to seven languages primarily that have been set by the user in the customized settings. 

It was quite a complicated stuff for the developers as well as the testing team to approve it and give a final decision. That is why; it is still under the consideration of testing department. Till they approve it okay without any bug, the app will not be officially published in the market. In the coming summer, the feature will probably ship from the company, as per announced from the sources.

The app will allow using seven languages at a time without any hindrance. You can select your secondary languages from the settings menu but your favorite’s ones will be prioritized. The app will respond accordingly to the language spoken by you. It will initially search in the primary section and then go for the secondary one if found unavailable in the first round off. For an instance, if you will speak Hindi, the app will recognize the language and will respond accordingly and switch to the spoken language and at the very moment if your utter a word from some other language, it will switch to that language. In the similar manner, the user can set up seven languages and switch to them.

Google must have made dedicated efforts for this feature since switching simultaneously to many languages is not an easy thing and managing them requires excellent logistics and efficiency. But, since it has been developed, the testing phase is utilizing much time and will probably be finished soon only. Various bugs were being detected by the authorities and are now focusing on resolving them and not let users to complain for it in anyone. Since, Google is a big brand and cannot let its name in drain due to some flaky issues. No date has been finalized by the company yet to announce this spec but the resources have said that by the end of this summer, it will be introduced.

Let’s cross our fingers and wait for this slave to be injected in our devices very soon with the successful results.