Sep 21, 2013

IBM to invest $1 billion on Linux and related open source technologies

Tech giant IBM has announced that it would invest a whopping $1 billion on Linux and other open source technologies to boost it's server systems. IBM has been a long standing proponent of Linux along with Google. Earlier in June this year, IBM has launched the powerLinux server to handle Big data and Analytics.

Moreover, Linux has been certified on all IBM systems.

“We continue to take share in Unix, but it’s just not growing as fast as Linux,” says Brad McCredie, an IBM vice president of Power development.

This move will give a significant boost go the growth of Linux and open source technologies.

Sep 17, 2013

New Bodhi Linux released with new schedule

The new version of Bodhi Linux has been released with a new schedule that will receive three yearly updates starting immediately instead of the previous four and users can expect releases in January, June, and September now.

Bodhi Linux is available for both 32 and 64 bit versions. The direct download is available for download at

This release features the E17.4 desktop, version 0.5.5 of the Midori webrowser and the 3.8 Linux kernel. As always - our default theme selection is shaken up.