Jun 30, 2014

Troubleshooting the GRUB 2 booting issues

Are you falling with an issue of booting your Linux system, and then need not to worry, the expert developers have eased your workout and reduced your experimentation ratio to find the several solutions for your system and data safe retrieval? The GRUB 2 is the key to all your queries to rescue your system from the booting problems.

The Grand Unified Linux Boot loader is embedded with number of functionalities that will not let you to be in any harm to your data. If you were using GRUB in the earlier times and not being able to retrieve your data efficiently, then don’t be disappointed, the GRUB 2 is the more intelligent one and will solve your boot problems in no time that too on the permanent basis. The good performance and the changes in the boot loader will be visible to you from the time you will start loading the boot by giving an easily customizable settings menu to boot your operating system in the way you want. Make your system work on the conditions and terms that you satisfy with the tool of GRUB 2.

There are several commands except this that can manage your boot commands and control various functions, external and internal both with an appearance enhancer. There are several specifies commands that are used to access the GRUB 2.

The boot repair is a sequential process that requires all the authentication and repair procedures to be followed to get the quick fix to your troubles. You need not to be experienced Linux user to get over the boot repair course of action, even the beginners will little brain use can get to all the steps quickly. In the newer version of GRUB 2, it basically contains the automatic script that is too be run on your OS, you just need to give certain permissions to access the data resided in your system and allow the boot loader to effectively repair it. Even then, if you encounter with some issue, people can surf on the Linux Community forums for the answers related to this.

You can download the boot package with the following command on your terminal:

Sudo add -apt –repository ppa : yannubuntu/ boot – repair && sudo apt – get update
Sudo apt –get install –y boot –repair && boot - repair

The common problems with which most of the people strike is the wrong directory path that you prescribe to the boot loader and it could not identify the location and leads to its failure. The GRUB 2 is well a smart one loader and knows that you can commit such a mistake and hence comes embedded with a power to search the neighboring hard drives and locate the matching path and give you the related options to choose from.
But, if your system still does not works in spite of various attempts then do not wait and save your system by consulting an expert developer to recover back your data.

Jun 29, 2014

Get autobirds and deceptihogs alongside with Angry Birds Transformers

Are you an Angry Bird lover? I am sure for this that I spent most of my free time giggling the phone over the Angry Birds Games. These characters must have baffled you also with its interesting jumps and moves and unique features. But, there are numerous categories of the respective game developed by various game developing companies and each tries to put something special and advanced in it. The Freebie Angry bird’s game Angry Birds Transformers has ingrained some distinct and new in the game. Let’s know what it is and how much will it attract us in the future.

The Angry Birds Transformers has come up with the new rivalries in the game that are named as autobirds and deceptihogs to the high competition to the Angry Birds Epic Game with their new release of characters. The battles between the two newly developed characters will be the interesting part and will surely lure the players towards it. This mix and match of the battlefield characters with the freebie Angry Birds will be an enticing feature of the game. This will give a contemporary as well as a modern look to the game. Not only the today’s generation will like it but the 80’s people will also be appreciating it.

The Ravio’s partnership with Hasbro will surely give an immense experience to the game players and more fun and entertainment in the games in the coming years. The boom has started with the Angry birds game. The toys of the newly embedded characters will also be sold side by side as they are ready to be launched in the market in the coming few days. The kids and even some adults who are fond of such characters will be happy to get something new in the market in the design and characters. The characters will appear in the game on the mobile phones by scanning the devices while playing and choosing the game characters with whom you want to play. This wide range of characters will give the multi players more enjoyable time. A group of people can play the game more exotically and have more fun simultaneously on their own devices.It will also give a fun time to spend together with friends and family.

Soon, Hasbro will introduce a technology that the players can put the characters of their own choice in the game from the options available and make their game play with their favorite characters and the decorum created. This technology will soon be developed by the programmers as it is still in the processing department. The strength and power of the characters will also be varied accordingly and the players can increase or decrease it.

Now, all the Angry Birds wooers are waiting for the update of new technologies and characters in the game which will most probably be officially declared by the October.

Jun 20, 2014

Amazon unveils Amazon fire phone

Amazon has unveiled a new perspective smartphone and has embedded exclusive features in the first production only. The smart features of the phone were claimed to be very lustrous and it has very well proved that. The young crazy blood must be eagerly waiting for some uncommon device to become a unique one, even I was.

But, parents will never let their children buy any device so easily and they will surely ask you, “What’s so special about this phone? Then guys, you need to halt much about, just brief them all the chic details of the phone. Amazon is very well known with the fact that there is no any lack of smartphones in the market and a big rivalry Apple is just unbeatable, so if the brand is entering in the market with a lavish smartphone than that cannot be a similar one but something with distinct features and must be attained with a power to create a tornado in the tech market.

Amazon has undoubtedly eased the shopping experience for the people. The shopping freaks will be baffled with the luxury that the phone provides. The latest hardware device by the company is a new aid to the tech market and will surely take this the reputation of the company to the new heights. One of the most alluring things that will highly attract the users towards it is its optimal price range which makes every being to aspire to get it in their hands.

The 4.7 inch smartphone is equipped with the best resolution of 1280x720 p with 315 ppi. The camera of the phone is 13 megapixel cameras and front camera is 2 megapixels. Using 4 front cams we can take 3d pictures. It is a handy phone for users since they can have a better glance at all the options carefully and easily also without hesitating much. The retailer store of Amazon need not to have any salesperson to showcase you the work, the app functionality will itself give you the things matching your demands and will give the best output result. It will probably show you the similar matches to your selected ones and will also recommend you some good new collections. Since, Amazon has built such a reputation in the market that every being knows that online shopping at Amazon can never be a fake one and using an Amazon smartphone to buy products from the very site only is like an icing on the cake.

The phone specs are appealed to everyone in the market as it contains a 2.2GHz processor with Qualcomm Snapdragon and also features 2 GB RAM. The operating system embedded in the phone is Fire 3.5.0. The design of the phone is meant for every person and will probably look good being hold in the hands of both males and females. It contains slathered glass body on both front and back with aluminum buttons embedded in it.

This phone will surely create a jerk in the market and give a tough competition to the other rivalries for each and every classy feature. Apart from the stunning high end tech features, the device also comes a limited period 1 year free amazon prime subscription. Enjoy unlimited streaming and downloads of tens of thousands of popular movies and TV episodes with Prime Instant Video, over one million songs and hundreds of playlists with the all-new Prime Music, over 500,000 books to borrow for free with the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

Jun 19, 2014

New release of linux mint 17 with exclusive features

Linux Mint being one of the most commonly used platform for Linux users because of its easy user interaction and accessible functionalities even by the naïve persons. The Linux community with a high team of professional has now officially published a newer version of Linux Mint i.e. Linux Mint 17.

save image

This Ubuntu Linux has been aided with various new features and specifications that make it to last up to at least the year 2019 among the crowd with its unique retaining features. Your desktop experience will be surely enhanced with the privileged and most accessible functions.
Some of the newer refinements that have been added in Linux Mint 17 are prescribed below:

  • Enhanced update manager: the update manager of the platform has become more informative and much easily accessible to you. The swiftness of the commands response can be felt by every regular user of the Linux Mint 17. The feature does not reloads itself unnecessarily on every click on it, the page gets updated itself after a certain period of time. The APT cache does not get locked on the sessions start up or sessions expire. The internet connectivity is also no more required for the network management. All the updates performed by the system will be tracked in the update manager which was not existed earlier in real practice in previous versions. The kernel information is also visible to the user now so, one can get to the appropriate kernel to the user which they can fix or break or perform any other operation as per the user’s requirement.
  • Home screen: the Webkit has been removed from the main window screen and the usages of resources have been reduced which leads to less congestion and deadlock condition in the window and it results in the better performance and reduces the response time.
  • Driver manager: the users can install drivers without any connectivity to the internet. You just need the resource CD to install the drivers now. The drivers will be updated on the temporary basis and when get a reliable connection, it will be stored on the permanent basis.
  • Login screen: the login screen has been enhanced with the new security features and error detection by primarily choosing the primary monitoring MDM for your desktop.
  • Themes customization: You can possibly put a username in the theme of your desktop which is not even exempted in your usernames list. The CPU usage by the themes at the desktop screen has been reduced marginally by managing the things efficiently.
  • Software sources: the in-built softwares have been improved with the better user interface and in functionality also.
  • Language settings: the language settings tool has been imported in the newer version. It makes an easy access or the users to select the language option and also add other languages to the system.
These features will surely lure the Ubuntu users to update the newer version of Linux Mint.