Jun 14, 2014

Top 5 Free Expense Tracking Apps to Manage Your Budget

Organize your finances, anytime, anywhere just by Simple online software to make informed decisions. Personal finance discipline is more important and now it is much easier to do, thanks to Android mobile devices.

Every time when you are thinking of buying things you can’t afford, just log in to your personal expense tracker or just a quick tap on widget screen for your income/expenses pie chart that will definitely give you second thought. Almost all expense tracking apps will allow you to enter your transactions manually some apps automatically extract receipt information and others allows you to synchronize your data. The most common feature in all the expense manager apps is exporting expense reports. Some apps let you sync with cloud storage services like Dropbox and while others let you save to other formats, such as Excel, PDF. Expense management Apps will track your expenses easily. Here are the Top 5 Free Expense management Apps.

  • Expensify
  • Toshl finance
  • Daily expense manager
  • Expense tracker
  • Easy money

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Perfect for road warriors, the app can use GPS for tracking expenses in mileage of the vehicle. Expensify is a semi-automated expense tracker to sync with your credit cards and bank accounts. Built-in optical character recognition feature allows scanning receipts and note data. Of course, illegible and shabby handwriting will not be recognized. Just take a snapshot of your receipts and business cards and uploading it. It works offline as well and will update immediately to cloud once you’re you’re connected to internet. If it doesn’t match with the credit card statement then it’s marked as cash expense. We can also submit your bills via email. Expensify app is available for android, blackberry and windows.

Toshl finance

Toshl makes it super easy to enter your expenses and is  cross-platform heritage. Just log on and u can access whether it is a Nokia Symbian phone, the iphone or simply your desktop, It tracks expenses and budgets, helps you visualize and analyze data with graphs you can play around with. For backup, you can sync to cloud and other multiple devices. So your family, group of friends or small business can track common expenses under the same account. If you lost your phone. You can lock it with a pass code. The data is safely backed up on toshl.com where you need the e-mail and password to get in. It will provide daily exchange rates for 34 most used currencies. Utility bills, membership or online subscriptions, it's easy to forget to pay them. Set a repeating expense and it will remind you every month.

Daily Expense Manager

As the name suggests this app is meant to record your daily expenses. Helps you keep track of your budget. We can category our budget and we can tag them according to category. Expenses can be viewed by date, month and payment wise. We can set reminders for our income and expenses. Keep backup of your expense by Export and Import function. It is a simple app for those who want a quick record.

Expense tracker

It is another simple expenditure tracking app. In this all kinds of expenses can be tracked on a Daily, Monthly and Yearly. You can Add, Delete and Edit categories easily. The income and expense categories can always be customised. Income, Expense and Savings are shown at the same window .The app also tracks savings from the income received is shown at the home window of the app. tracking past records while entering a new transaction.

Easy money

This app acts as the expense tracker, bill reminder, checkbook register and also a budget planner. It note downs the expenses and they can be analysed later based on categories or time. We can set reminders to send Notifications about upcoming or overdue bills. Monthly and yearly budgets can be set for different accounts. Categories can be customised to enter more accurate information. The data can be exported as csv or qif information to be analysed over the desktop. we can Add images of our bills and receipts.