Jun 12, 2014

Sweet'N'Spicy – The best android app on Indian food and recipes

Sweet'N'Spicy is a popular recipe App. Sweet'N'Spicy has more than 10000 recipes and 1500 videos of Indian Foods and Recipes .They are many popular dishes and their cooking skills to help you prepare delicious food for your family and friends. Now you can learn new dishes by simple steps just by using your android mobile. As we all know, recipes from book are set previously, while with the help of this app you can search and save any recipe. It provides you detailed instructions for each recipe. Now let's learn more about this useful app.

Sweet'N'Spicy displays the inherent calorie, nutrient units. Categories of dishes, and determines all kind of ingredients and relevant cooking tips along each recipe. Users not only can learn to cook but can personalize the entire App to match our Diet constraints and we can find beneficial health tips also.

This App displays the categories and then sub categories of dishes, and cooking skills in accordance with them which are divided by "Vegetarian", "Non Vegetarian ", "vegan", "Must try", "Kids", "Beginner”, “Drinks “and so on. Among them, each dish’s detailed instructions, ingredients, video, reviews, about chef details, nutrition and related pictorial information are displayed. For those lazy bachelors out there there are some recipes which you can make in lesser time with minimal ingredients.

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It is an easy way to find recipes based on ingredients in hand. Just enter the ingredients you have at your hand and the app will show the recipes you can make with those ingredients.

It provides users with power searching function. you can directly go by recipe Name, Category, Popular and latest .we can even search only video recipes.


You can mark your favorite recipes by just adding in your favorites. we can organize dish more quickly by clicking the "Favorites" button on the homepage. If you want to remove just click the dish then the dishes will be deleted.


Users not only can cook and taste delicious food through this app but they also can connect and discuss more information about food and recipes in open source forums through community.

Ask Questions

You can directly type question to the developer related to the application.

Nowadays, people are looking forward to lead a healthy life. There is no reason to doubt that cooking at home is a good way to save money and stay healthy. Sweet'N'Spicy is a good assistant at home that helps you to cook new recipes. Can't wait to install it in your phone?Please visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sweetnspicy.recipes