Jun 29, 2014

Get autobirds and deceptihogs alongside with Angry Birds Transformers

Are you an Angry Bird lover? I am sure for this that I spent most of my free time giggling the phone over the Angry Birds Games. These characters must have baffled you also with its interesting jumps and moves and unique features. But, there are numerous categories of the respective game developed by various game developing companies and each tries to put something special and advanced in it. The Freebie Angry bird’s game Angry Birds Transformers has ingrained some distinct and new in the game. Let’s know what it is and how much will it attract us in the future.

The Angry Birds Transformers has come up with the new rivalries in the game that are named as autobirds and deceptihogs to the high competition to the Angry Birds Epic Game with their new release of characters. The battles between the two newly developed characters will be the interesting part and will surely lure the players towards it. This mix and match of the battlefield characters with the freebie Angry Birds will be an enticing feature of the game. This will give a contemporary as well as a modern look to the game. Not only the today’s generation will like it but the 80’s people will also be appreciating it.

The Ravio’s partnership with Hasbro will surely give an immense experience to the game players and more fun and entertainment in the games in the coming years. The boom has started with the Angry birds game. The toys of the newly embedded characters will also be sold side by side as they are ready to be launched in the market in the coming few days. The kids and even some adults who are fond of such characters will be happy to get something new in the market in the design and characters. The characters will appear in the game on the mobile phones by scanning the devices while playing and choosing the game characters with whom you want to play. This wide range of characters will give the multi players more enjoyable time. A group of people can play the game more exotically and have more fun simultaneously on their own devices.It will also give a fun time to spend together with friends and family.

Soon, Hasbro will introduce a technology that the players can put the characters of their own choice in the game from the options available and make their game play with their favorite characters and the decorum created. This technology will soon be developed by the programmers as it is still in the processing department. The strength and power of the characters will also be varied accordingly and the players can increase or decrease it.

Now, all the Angry Birds wooers are waiting for the update of new technologies and characters in the game which will most probably be officially declared by the October.