Jun 30, 2014

Troubleshooting the GRUB 2 booting issues

Are you falling with an issue of booting your Linux system, and then need not to worry, the expert developers have eased your workout and reduced your experimentation ratio to find the several solutions for your system and data safe retrieval? The GRUB 2 is the key to all your queries to rescue your system from the booting problems.

The Grand Unified Linux Boot loader is embedded with number of functionalities that will not let you to be in any harm to your data. If you were using GRUB in the earlier times and not being able to retrieve your data efficiently, then don’t be disappointed, the GRUB 2 is the more intelligent one and will solve your boot problems in no time that too on the permanent basis. The good performance and the changes in the boot loader will be visible to you from the time you will start loading the boot by giving an easily customizable settings menu to boot your operating system in the way you want. Make your system work on the conditions and terms that you satisfy with the tool of GRUB 2.

There are several commands except this that can manage your boot commands and control various functions, external and internal both with an appearance enhancer. There are several specifies commands that are used to access the GRUB 2.

The boot repair is a sequential process that requires all the authentication and repair procedures to be followed to get the quick fix to your troubles. You need not to be experienced Linux user to get over the boot repair course of action, even the beginners will little brain use can get to all the steps quickly. In the newer version of GRUB 2, it basically contains the automatic script that is too be run on your OS, you just need to give certain permissions to access the data resided in your system and allow the boot loader to effectively repair it. Even then, if you encounter with some issue, people can surf on the Linux Community forums for the answers related to this.

You can download the boot package with the following command on your terminal:

Sudo add -apt –repository ppa : yannubuntu/ boot – repair && sudo apt – get update
Sudo apt –get install –y boot –repair && boot - repair

The common problems with which most of the people strike is the wrong directory path that you prescribe to the boot loader and it could not identify the location and leads to its failure. The GRUB 2 is well a smart one loader and knows that you can commit such a mistake and hence comes embedded with a power to search the neighboring hard drives and locate the matching path and give you the related options to choose from.
But, if your system still does not works in spite of various attempts then do not wait and save your system by consulting an expert developer to recover back your data.