Jul 7, 2014

Volvo to add Android auto in the forthcoming automation

Volvo has geared up its vehicle becoming the Android savvy with the ground smashing user interface features. The cluster of the excellence automotive industry and the most widely accepted and used smartphone platform will be a sign of progress and vigor in the market. The Volvo company has announced that XC90 will be the first android auto vehicle in the industry and will surely create boom among the people. It will be revealed to auto car lovers in the October this year.

Resources have leaked this information earlier only that the vehicle will be scaled with the android operating systems but until any detail comes from the authority’s end, no one can assure it.

There will be all Android features embedded on the large touchscreen besides the front driver’s seat so that all can access it easily from their seats only. The console of the screen will be quite user friendly and large that one need not to discomfort them from their postures. This addition to the Volvo cars will probably be the best ingrained feature in the recent times in the automotive industry. For sure, the Volvo vehicles will be recognized for their simplicity and now because of their high graded functionality.

The ease to use the digital ecosystem by giving an easy access to their smartphones and tablets through the front desk touchscreen will be an exclusive feature for them. This complementary feature of the company will undoubtedly be an icing on the cake and make its demand very high in the coming times among the people.

The Google will provide the users with an easy course to the Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play and various others software. One of the best captivating aspects of the ingrained feature is that all the commands and grants to the Android apps can be managed through your voice or your steering wheel control even. The driver needs not to distract him or her from the driving and make necessary changes. All will be done from your steering wheel controller or few words uttered from your mouth. It leads to both secure and effortless driving experience to the people.

The Android phone and car content will be available on the touch screen simultaneously and you need not to switch between them anyway. This feature is predicted to be present in all cars to be ingrained in the coming times but will start its production in the market with the XC 90. We have crossed our fingers and waiting for the October month to get the glance of the showcase of the car Android features.