Jul 9, 2014

8.9 inch HTC Volantis with other enticing features

After a long silence, HTC has come up with a peck of waves in the market of technology with the HTC Volantis that has captivated the eyes of critics apart from the common man. The entry to the tablet genre of HTC has once again raised a hope to make it still stand able in the Indian market. Some tints of the features of the new device along with an image have been exposed from the insiders but few sources claim it to be the fake image. Now, this doubt will be cleared only at the official release of the phone.

The Volantis features a 64 GB inbuilt storage memory and 5GB DDDR3 RAM. The camera quality is believed to be one of the alluring features that could be around -5 to -8 pixels with full HD video recording and image capturing grading. The display of the tablet which will be probably 8.9 inch with an enticing WQXGA technology display feature will make the device demanding one in the market.

The device is most likely to be published officially in the fourth quarter of the year. All the specifications are not final yet since these are just the leaked information from some of the officials of the company only. Rumors can be proved false also but mostly the info revealed from the company officials proves to be accurate only. Rest, the whole story will be affirmed with its entry in the market. The tablet could be embedded with the latest version of Android i.e. Kitkat 4.4 operating system.
The pricing quotes are also spread in the market. With 16 GB memory slot, the price range may get up to $399 whereas for 32 GB memory card slot, the price can range up to $499.
The design of the tablet will be somewhat the combo of Nexus 7 and LG Nexus 5. The body of the tablet is most likely to be of the silver aluminum. The hard core of body of the tablet is for its long durability and protection.
The mystery still remains questionable because neither Google nor HTC has revealed any doubts or even hints for the release of any device in the coming times. It’s just the tech latest rumors that have become the discussion topic among the mass.