Jul 17, 2014

Motorola’s smartphones impressive performance leading to high sales

Are you tired and bored of the ongoing brands of smartphones that are going in the market with the little modifications in their next releasing model and the price range hikes every time even with a single minor changes? If yes, then I am one of them. to get apart from this league of vague smartphones, the Motorola phones are the rising stars in this financial year, renowned to be a low budget phone with all its exclusive tech savvy features that a normal person requires in his or her mobile phone. The fresh and innovative design cell phones revealed by the company has got so much popularity that around 1 million Motorola smart phones have been sold in India only within 5 months. If we ponder upon it, this sale is a remarkable landmark improvement for the company where their name was on the verge to drown in the past years because of outdated technologies. The release of various updated devices has made it in a looming state in the market.

Three major releases of the company that has made it the supreme one in the market are Moto E, Moto G and Moto X. The sales of these phones are carried out mostly through the online shopping sites apart from the mobile dealers and stores. As per the statistics, this milestone has been achieved by the Moto E by selling around 285,000 units on average and 180,000 units of the Moto G. the brand will most probably be one of the top vendors of the smartphones in India with the push of these two handy devices.

Getting the latest technology with an impressive phone and Android operating system at an optimal price range is actually a big thing. Some of their luring features like long durable battery life, more than average performance and throughput and some tricky apps that you might have never used before makes it the commendable one. The Touchless control capability makes it the touch free and let your commands to be followed only on verbal basis. The camera quality has also been improved to a great extent and the front and rear camera has been improvised with the digital picture qualities. One can also install the further camera apps and make it more interesting and exciting. You can actually snap some of the best videos and cameras. The designs of the smartphones are very appealing with the slick and thin look. The color options are the normal ones available with all other smartphones with a rigged body type and hard core resistible material. The screen sizes are also appreciable and make it among the ones with wide display screens.

If you are looking for some change for your mobile phone and have a limited budget too, then no device other than the Motorola’s can satisfy your needs and situation. The new buyers and even the old buyers must have a glance at these phones. The brand will most probably at the top of the smartphones vendors list.