Jul 17, 2014

Better support for Gmail and Camera apps by Google

Google is such an innovative team that brings forth new updates every day to excel their services and attracting the audience towards its luring apps and its features. The brand has notified certain updates to the most commonly used apps of Gmail and Camera. The refurbishment of the various apps have been done few days back only when the company realized that the apps need some update now for its better accessibility by the people and keep the audience stick to them with the new ingrained features.

The work was done even on the Search option by the Google but the major changes were amended in two apps – Gmail and Camera app respectively. Newer versions of both the Google Play Stores have been introduced.

Renew of Google Camera:

The camera version of the Google has been renewed to the version 2.3.017 from the older version 2.2.024 (about a month ago only). This change in the camera app brings up to the reliable support to the Android wear which is also a new release by the Android and is in much trend now days. Improvisations have been made in the camera features such as panorama interface has been revised. The users can use this new app as a remote shutter. You can easily open the app on your Android mobile phone and then create a card to make it default for the proper functioning. The camera will capture the photograph at the time duration customized by you and hence will show the captured image on your wrist screen.

Renew of Gmail:

The significant update that has been made to the every time communication site, Gmail is that it has been brought up to 4.8 versions from the 4.7 version and hence undoubtedly the performance has also been improvised with the new update. The blunt memory persons would be very happy to get this update because they can retrieve the mails directly from the Google cloud storage. You need to save the files to the Google Drive so that whenever you demand for it, it immediately pops up in front of you. The attachments from the Google Drive Integration can be made just as like the normal attachments and is found on the action overflow option residing in the coampose menu. A little update has been also done to the settings menu bar and shifts it to the left side bar.
All these updated features will be available to the users through the Play store within few coming days and they can enjoy them without any hindrance.