Jul 21, 2014

Sony xperia C3, the best selfie smart phone

Guys, you can never underestimate the very renowned brand Sony and this has been proven once again with the entry of the Xperia C3. The mid-range smart phone has been ingrained with many exclusive features but it has been in talks of every second person because of its unbeatable best selfie phone with adequate features.

When I glanced at the alluring features of the smart phone, I was bewildered and a feel of something unique came in to my mind. I found it pretty good because of following reasons:
  • It provides an ultimate pro selfie app to update your social networking sites at the very moment. The brilliant imaging capability of the phone and the contrast of the specs give a wonderful photography experience to the users. The main highlighting point of the phone is the front facing camera that has made it a standing one in the league.
  • The smart phone not only is equipped with the 5 mega pixel front facing camera with perfect angles but a flash too that lets you capture any moment in the darkness also. Just click the selfie and update it to your friends and close ones without any edit or something.
  • The rear camera is also not less; it is 8 mega pixels which actually gives a clearer picture.
  • The other luring feature is the Dual sim compatibility of the device that lets your switch to any number anytime.
  • It basically runs on the new operating system of Android i.e. Kitkat 4.4 which will give a new experience to the users with the OS also.
  • The large smart phone has a 5.5 inch HD display screen and works on a 1.2 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.
  • The smart phone will be available in various color options such as black, white and other mint colors which are not accurately still revealed by the company.
  • The device supports 4G data and has a Bluetooth 4.0 ingrained in it.
  • The phone has in- built 8 GB storage and thus one can store all the relevant data and enough amounts of media also in the cell phone only.

  • The classy phone is of optimal weight, that is approximately 150 g and 7.6 mm thin which thus leads to an optimal weight of the phone and comes with a staggering 2500mAh battery.

The phone is most likely to be released in the market in the early August and will probably going to hit the market with new trends. The phone will be in much demand because it will be at an average price range so will attract every type of customer towards it.