Jul 9, 2014

Android entering the market of wearable with smart watches

Android wear is in the debate topic now days at every tech savvy person and at release of every device, there are every type of reviews. Some will give positive response, few will criticize on its inventory while there are some neutral persons who do not give any response till they get a real picture of what actually the thing is and what are its specifications. So, this blog is for those smart people who do not come to any conclusion until gone in to the roots of the plant. The query of the unrevealed features and benefits of the Android wear smart watch must be gobbling in various minds.

The LG G watch has been published officially in the market with the new tech features that have been put by the Android team for the first time. This smart watch will be somewhat a replacement to the smart phones. Well, frankly speaking, I usually have a glance for at least 120 to 125 times in a day at my cell phone to check the notifications and other messaging works and sometimes just to have a look at the updates. But, now a freak like me need not to make efforts to bring out the cell phone from the pockets or the bags, just access your smart watch and get updated with the latest news.

The real time information and even the minutest detail will be reached to you with this smart watch. Your wrist jewelry will follow your commands on your voice only. Just order your watch and get the things done. The Android wear is not only equipped with the LG G watch but also in the Samsung Gear Live which gives a tough competition to the former in the market. Both of them differ in few features that can even be ignored by a naïve person but still the one with even a minor victory can steal the show. Some features like the heart tracking app is not ingrained in the LG G watch whereas both the watches run on the same platform and operating system but just the producing brand will matter.

No doubt the alluring features are available on the smart phones also and actually in a much better and improved way but the point is that some lazy gooks like me would not like to make efforts to take out the phone every minute to check the new alert or one more beep but accessing the watch tied on your wrist is much easier and fashion statement. Most expectedly other brands in the league will also input some similar device in the market in the coming years.