Jun 8, 2014

Netflix swapping to HTML5 from the Silverlight on various platforms

Microsoft’s antidote Silverlight has been replaced by the HTML 5 in all the devices that were equipped with the former system in it. The streaming of videos now supports Netflix over HTML5 instead of Silverlight. Apple’s new Mac will be now generated with Netflix videos without any need to install various external plugins for its upload or other operations.

The HTML5 till now is updated in Safari browser only that is if the user opens the videos in Firefox browser, it will be still supporting the Silverlight plug-in. In windows 8.1, the newest version of Internet Explorer supports the streaming of data with HTML5 and this works as well in Google chrome operating system also. The user does not need to spent a lot more time in buffering the video, just open the video URL and just load the page simply without any assistance of further plug-ins. Upper hand of the HTML5 over the Silverlight in Netflix is due to following reasons:

  • It typically provides the much more protection and security to your data as compared to the past way of streaming the videos.
  • There is a massive reduction in the CPU usage since the requirements of external plugins have been reduced; the load on the CPU correspondingly has also been reduced.
  • The performance and throughput of the system remarkably increases because of the better CPU performance.
  • The usage of CPU in HTML5 is one third as that of the usage in the case of Silverlight.
  • The devices such as laptops, tablets can have a longer battery life.
  • The producers of Netflix say that the MacBook streaming 1080p videos was stay for at least two more hours than that of by Silverlight.
  • The work of the surfers has been eased for uploading the data on net. Since, one simply needs to put up the unencrypted file on the web and then embedding it on net.
  • The extensions proposed by Mozilla, Google and Netflix have not been added to the official specs of the HTML5 but very soon they will be included, the proposal has been submitted to W3C group.
  • The video quality remains the same and the pop up bars and all other menus work with the same functionality and the balance is still maintained with in all the design and structure.
  • The Netflix videos are embedded with three parts briefed as, Media Source Extensions (MSE), Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) and Web Cryptography. The MSE is responsible for the creating and manipulating the HTML5 elements for audio and video tags. Whereas, EME manages the protection to the data by digital rights management and the last third one, web crypto allows the smooth transmission of data between the servers and the browsers.
  • No doubt, the videos with the feature of HTML 5 are a bit flatter and it has not been yet supported with the Firefox and Chrome which are one of the most used browsers by the people. The news of its soon to be enhanced with these browsers has been published but no one can guarantee till it is officially announced.