Aug 4, 2014

Kitkat overshadows Ginger bread to be the second largest Android version

Maintaining its upward trend, Kitkat becomes the second biggest Android version. This was expected and Kitkat has not disappointed the weight of expectations. Out of the all total Android devices activated worldwide, Kitkat has overtaken and shares a whopping 17.9 percent and has become the second largest Android version.

Jellybean still remains at pinnacle with greater share 56.5 percent as compared to the other versions. Only 1.9 percent of downward trend was observed as far as jellybean is concerned since last month.Couple of other Android versions also shares some percentage, for an instance, Icecream sandwich shares around 11.4 percent whereas Gingerbread shares around 13.5 percent.m Launch of Android L is still a few months away; Kitkat has a great chance of narrowing the gap with Jellybean, which is not showing any trend of losing the top position.

Below is the current standing of all the Android versions
Jelly Bean: 56.5pc
Gingerbread: 13.5pc
KitKat: 17.9pc
Ice Cream Sandwich: 11.4pc
Froyo: 0.7pc

How kitkat is overtaking gingerbread version of Android?

Let’s have a glimpse what new enticing features have been introduced in the Kitkat Android version and how is it overshadowing the other older versions of Android.
  • It is much responsive for every Android device till now. To a small RAM to the larger RAM devices, all are served with the same swiftness and accuracy.
  • The Kitkat Android provides the best user interface to the users and a translucent menu bar is also present at the bottom which will provide you all services anytime you require. You can also customize the menu as per your requirement from the settings menu.
  • The navigation buttons and notification trays are also modified with the full screen wallpapers from the OS only that can match your likes as well.
  • Whenever you are going through any document or watching some movie or video, the navigation bars will itself be hidden to give a full wider screen look to the phone and making it a much reliable one. The user needs to just swipe at the edge to get back to all the menu bars and other navigation buttons.
  • Your contact list will automatically be prioritized taking in concern your log lists by the operating system. The frequently dialed and used numbers will be at the top of the contact list without any need to set the speed dial or something.
  • With the help of internet services in your mobile phone, you can examine the unknown numbers through the caller ID. The OS will automatically search for the incoming call number and give you a brief about them. The location and their work profile will be initially recognized.
  • The improvised version of Hangout in the Kitkat version has been ingrained. Now the users of the respective app can send animated GIF’s and also share their location with their friends and relatives.
  • On the whole, there are various intrinsic key features that will lure the mass towards this latest version and will leave behind the older versions of Android.