Aug 15, 2014

Clarisketch- lets you draw over your voice commands

Are you stressed out of your work and could not coordinate with your co-workers and other employees in your office and the running time is altering you again and again? You are trying to make your employees explain about the work details, but they are not able to get your point, then there is something that can help you in this work i.e. Clarisketch. The clarisketch app, by Spincoders is to ease the work of all the beings using the sketch images over your voice commands.

The app can be installed on any tablet or smartphone with Android OS version 2.3.6 Gingerbread or higher. The application can be downloaded free on your device and can be run on any browser and platform. The process of clarisketch app has been very simple. The user of the app just needs to take the target picture and verbally talk and jolt the things on the screen what you are explaining by drawing some rough figure and your voice will be recorded while drawing. This will be shared with your friends and employees to whom you want to share that.

On the other hand, the mails, calling process and screen capping are somewhat the complex and less efficient ways to communicate and even then, it does not give any clear picture of what you want to explain in the real sense. But, this very app gives you the opportunity to give an actual view of your thoughts to the other persons. You can share your pictures with not only single person, but with multiple groups at a time.

The other advantage of this app is that the persons with whom you want to share your picture need not necessarily install this app on their devices. But, only the person, who wants to take away this process, must have it installed with them on their respective device. This is actually for the persons who just hate to explain each and every detail of the work on phone calls consuming a lot more time in this process in spite of utilizing it in some other efficient work. The size of the app is just 1.9 Mb, which means only a minor space is required to occupy it on your device.

The drawing tools used to draw the pictures are just the basic ones only and even then, if someone is unable to get to its usage, he or she can avail to the tutorials for using the clarisketch app in the most efficient way. You can get the clarisktech app free from the Google Play store as illustrated in the following link:

It’s simple and effective user interface will surely lure the users towards it and increase its users with a rapid rate.