Aug 15, 2014

Android wear to get better support from pebble locker now

A new update has been introduced to the third party Android Application i.e. Pebble Locker because of the detection of various bugs in the previous versions of the respective app. The app created by Luke Korth, has been brought down with the new updated version that can be effectively run with the Android wear devices. Previous version of pebble lock i.e. 2.8 has been successfully updated to 2.8.1 due to some address crashing bug in the pebble watches.

What a pebble locker basically does is that it makes the access to the device admin API without looking at the screen, even and controlling the whole system only through the pebble locker on your android wear. The connections between the device and android wear are through the Wifi option and Bluetooth option. The users can set the pin or password once the app gets enabled on your device and access your device with the proper security.

The updated version has fixed various bugs from the technical point of view that are not visible to the na├»ve users and an improvised compatibility of the device with the Android wear giving more ease to the users. The Bluetooth option has become much more reliable and secure and hence called as the ‘Trusted Bluetooth’, which basically makes the Android wear unlocked until the device is within the prescribed range. The moment you go out of the range of the Android Wear, the device will be locked and the Bluetooth will be disabled.
Your Android wear will acknowledge your device and need not to enter the pin or password that you have set earlier at the time of the update and the device will recognize that it is your watch only. The users of LG G Android wear and Samsung Gear Live will be pleased to hear this improvisation of the pebble locker in its updated version and will be soon officially available on the net also.

There is still a scope of improvement in the app. The pebble locker does not support the pattern lock and the low energy Bluetooth devices such as Fitbits are not being supported yet. You can install the pebble locker for your Android Wear from the following link given below:

If you have already installed it in your Android Wear, then you can update the version of pebble locker from the install alert from within your device.