Aug 6, 2014

Panasonic to emerge soon with its first Kitkat Smartphone

Panasonic is soon to enter to the league of Android stock smartphones with its new weapon of the tech device T41. The Kitkat OS phone will grace up the device much more than ever before. It is the first Android Kitkat 4.4 Android smart phone with which probably lie within your budget. Indian lovers of Panasonic will definitely be happy with the advent of the company. Well, frankly speaking, am little much bored of using the mobile phones of the brands like Samsung, Nokia, Sony and various others in the competition and looking for somewhat big change and I personally feel that Panasonic can fulfill my demand this time. It will probably come up with a different view and model apart from its earlier phones stick to the Jelly Bean OS.

The alluring features and specifications of the phone will definitely convince the mass to bend towards it. The new buyers of the phone who want to have latest technology smart phones in their pockets but have a limited budget can undoubtedly go for this one device. The official announcements for the price range and other brief details has been not yet declared by the company but as usual the news is in the air for the latest incoming device.

Equipped with entry level specifications, the device will be 4.5 inch FWVPA IPS display screen with a quad core processor of 1.3 GHz. There is a micro SD slot card in the smart phone and 4 GB internal storage with an extra expandable memory card slot available. The RAM capacity is 512 MB. The dual sim supportive device is also enhanced with a 5 mega pixels rear camera but there isn't any front camera. This is apt also as just at a price range of RS 7,999 . As much sugar you will pour, as much sweeter it will be and here you are getting much sweeter dish with the usage of less sugar. The color options are predicted to be available in abundance for the respective phone. The design will be sleek and thin to hold within your hands. Few images have been leaked by the insiders of the company but the real picture will be stated at the official announcement only.

The average screen size may disappoint the people because of the trend of wider and larger display screens fashion now days but will probably give a competition to the other entry level smartphones with an optimal price range. Most probably the company will release the product in the coming year but exact day is not decided yet. Let’s hope for a good and competitive device to be released soon in the market.