Aug 31, 2014

Release of Chrome 36 for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating systems

The Chrome team is quite thrilled with the release of Chrome 36 with some changes embedded in it for the Windows, Mac and Linux users. The good news is that the Chrome 36.0.1985.125 has been released officially in the market now for the users to download it on their devices and take the advantage of the new technological improvisation that has been introduced in the web browser. The chrome users need not to get baffled by downloading the chrome 36.In fact, they can automatically update their chrome to the latest version with the built in silent updater.

The major improvements have been done in the area of bugs and little ones in the functionality improvements. The browser has been made much more stable and efficient. This is my personal experience too, guys. The rich notification alert has given me much ease. Whenever I work with focus on some work, I forget about all other things opened on my device and the notification alert did not produce any noticeable effect but the improved notification alert instantly catches my attention.

The incognito window has been also refurbished with change log details. A crash recovery bubble has been anticipated in the chrome browser to alert you that something has gone wrong in your browsing window and that may affect your system in any way. The crash report may also tell you the area that is affecting the browser.

The chrome app launcher that has been launched in the improved version of the chrome lets the user to sign in to the browser with the identification of Google accounts and simply synchronize the passwords, accounts, and bookmarks, various apps, browsing history and other desktop settings with other multiple devices. Because of this feature of the chrome 36, it has been my favorite browser now; it enables me to continue with the same managed settings that the user set earlier once in their browser and the ease of the work. This app has been launched for the Mac users earlier only, whereas for the Windows users, it has been introduced in 2014 only.

The chrome has eradicated 26 bugs from the software with the help of the external researchers and some dedicated persons. Interested users can also give the reference to any bug if they find so. The chrome 36 will most likely be available for Android users also in the few coming days with better performance and text rendering techniques.

The chrome 36 has called out the various developers and tech freaks to invest their time on the newly formulated browser and pick and in’s and out’s.