Aug 15, 2014

Simple solutions to improvise your Android Wear LG G Watch

Not even half of the year has passed the Android Wear smart watches have been introduced in the market and the solutions to every problem has also been declared to its users so that they do not have to deal with any further problems with the devices while customizing it in any way. One can debug, capture the screenshots, unlock the boot loaders and root the LG G Watch. It really feels awful when you buy a new technological Android wear but while rooting it you got stuck to some point and destroy all other settings which give some abrupt output. But, here we got brilliant and very easy tact to modify your device as per your needs and requirements.

Here are the easy steps to get ease on your modification process of Android wear.

Get the device in debug mode

Bbefore customizing ant setting, it is necessary to get the device in the debugging mode. Enabling debug mode requires the following steps to be followed:
  • Open the settings options and wait for the voice prompt and then it will be switch to the scrollable actions and further select settings option.
  • Enter the about option.
  • Go to developer’s options and then enable ADB Debugging option.
  • If you want to turn the Debug over Bluetooth, then you can enable that also.

Capturing screenshots:

The users can capture the screenshots by opening the terminal and entering the following command:
  • Adb shell screencap –p / sdcard / DCIM / screenshots / your file name.png
  • The filename must be changed for each screenshot and one can also change the path for the picture to be saved as per requirement.
  • If you have more than one device to be attached, the user’s needs to add the copy option i.e. adb pull with the following command given below:
         Adb pull /sdcard/ DCIM / screenshots / your file name1.png

Unlock the boot loader:

If you are modifying the things of boot loader and something you feel wrong is going on than stop then and there only because even one wrong setting can create havoc in your device and hence you may have to spend good money to revert back to the normal settings. But, normally the unlocking options are rally the easy ones since only three buttons are available on the whole to accomplish any task. The commands available are Start, Power off, Recovery Mode and Restart Boot loader. To start your Android device in boot loader mode, enter the following command:adb reboot – boot loader

Focus on the command you want to enter by tapping on the touch screens. Varying with the devices, the boot loader will be unlocked and hence your all data will be modified accordingly.