Aug 31, 2014

Exciting features by True caller in the Android wears

Where Android wears have already been introduced in the market, the apps have been on the way only to reach to its users. Over 65 million users of True caller, the lovers of this app will be happy to hear that your call management system will be now managed by the True caller app introduced in the Android wearable.

Various new features have been ingrained to the Android wear app that can manage your incoming and outgoing calls system. Apart from giving a timely alerts and making your life a disciplined one, now it will also deal with your call management.

Various features like the Live Caller ID and spam blocking systems have been ingrained in the smart watches by the True Caller. You need not to baffle yourself now with the unwanted and irritating calls, just have a glance at the call and do whatever you want with it. Seriously saying when I am busy and some crazy people give regular prank calls just to irritate is really a frustrating situation and instigates me to say something abusive to the caller which sometimes worsens the condition. But, with this app I need not to use any abuse or hyper myself with any unwanted call, I can just thrash that jerk from my phone forever.

The businesspersons with large contacts list create a mess and unavailability of time to manage them creates an awkward situation sometimes. You can avoid this obstructive situation by letting the True caller app to do this for you. You can download the app from the link given below as:

Some of the exciting features of this app that will probably attract every person are given below in brief:
  • The Caller ID will let you acknowledge who the caller is with the Wifi or internet services on your phone.
  • You can access the phone management direct from your watch by synchronizing them efficiently.
  • Block the spam calls and the irrelevant persons from your life and cell phone too.
  • You can even manage the call logs for any type of the calls and customize them according to your ease.
  • You can keep your true caller profile updated by creating a one of your own and also synchronizing it with your social networking accounts and setting a profile picture and ringtone as per your choice. Variation to nay contact or account can be done easily with the user.
  • The true caller community gives you all information and new updates for the app alerting you on your phone only.
  • The SMS blocking system is not ingrained in all devices such as Android Kitkat 4.4 version but will soon be active on it also.
So, now maintain the flow of your work and need not break a node to reject or block the unwanted calls and shock the new callers by knowing them before they confuse you or surprise you.