Aug 31, 2014

Make your Android cell phone similar to the Google Play Edition device

With the advent of new updated technology phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One in the market, don’t you feel that your old cell phone makes you a non-tech savvy and a bit old fashioned too? You might sometimes feel embarrassed in your friend zone when you are not available on the junk points that your friends are available every time on their cell phones. Mostly devices require the rooting to modify their cell phones and get them updated with the latest apps and technologies introduced in the market, but that basically disturbs the operating system of the phone from the root. But, there is one more option that can make your device a new trendy one that is in the talks in the market and rejoice your phone services without spending much perks of your pocket.Google Play Edition phones are the ones that are supported by Google but are supplied by their parent manufacturers only. on whole, they are unmodified schema of Android devices.

Here are some of the tips to achieve this and some of them have been even tried by me too and they gave perfect output. Just try them on your device too.
You can personalize the look of your device. The first appealing thing that is visual to you and to people too is the look of your phone. One can easily change the stack of the icons and cluster of icons in one place is in trend. So you can opt for that now. Download the icon app from the play store or the Google store. The weather cloak or the lone clock can even be ingrained from the Play Stores.

Installing latest Google apps is also a good option.The Stock Android devices come with in-built Google apps and you just need to install these apps in your mobile phone that are available for free. Various basic apps such as Gmaps, Clock, Stock Keyboard, Calendar, Google Voice Search and various other apps that you like can be easily hired with the internet services. There are few apparent apps that are not released by Google on the Play store for free or they have not been available even, you can wait for the time for them to be published.

Customizing the home screen will give a totally changed look to your device. No being is naïve with the live wallpapers and in fact the specific wallpaper for the each model of the phone. So, you can avail to these wallpapers and make the people sometimes in doubt that if your cell phone is actually outdated or not. The Nova launcher is the best and cool launcher that is availed by most of the brands.

Last, but not the least. You can surely make the installed apps default one along with disabling bloatware. The default app manager is there to manage the apps default and initialization. While some of the apps are set by default, but some needs to be prompted by the user. To make it a real one, set the entire app default one. The bloat apps must be disabled in order to avoid any bugs and uncertainties.