Oct 31, 2008

offline blog editor

Tired of editing your blog online with the small editting window of google's blogger and other blog providers.I have a solution.dowload the offline blog editor w.bloggar and install it on your pc and write your post and post it.

   Main Feautures


  • post and Publish on most blogs/cms tools and services

  • Edit Posts and Templates

  • Save Posts locally for further publishing

  • Import Text files

  • Add links and images

  • Format text font and alignment

  • Multiple accounts and blogs

  • Post preview

  • Colorized HTML code

  • HTML tags menu

  • Find/Replace option

  • Post to many blogs

  • Title and Category Fields

  • Spell Checking

  • File and Image Upload

  • Custom Tags Menu

  • Toolbar Icons Skin

  • Supports Windows XP

  • Support to the advanced MovableType options New!

  • Add Account Wizard New!

  • Support to Multiple Categories New!

  • Option to XHTML compliance New!

  • Import and Export Settings New!

  • Ping to Weblogs.Com, blo.gs, Technorati and ping-o-matic New!

  • No Spyware!

  • No Nag Screens!