Mar 25, 2012


cssviewer is a simple add-on/extension for Firefox and chrome browser to view the CSS properties of a webpage or a blog. Though chromium browser has its own inbuilt 'inspect element' tool to view the html and CSS properties, it is not easy and simple to use. cssviewer is simple and easy. Just hove the mouse over the web page element and it will show all the properties of the element. You can download the Firefox add-on at  chromium users can download the extension from

cssviewer simplifies the task of analyzing a webpage for the CSS properties. This tool is very useful for web designers and for those who want to learn CSS and bloggers who wish to customize themes. Below is the screen shot of cssviewer showing the CSS properties of my blog description element. The element is highlighted in red color dashed line and the properties are shown in the floating window above the blog.