Dec 17, 2010

chrome 9 released

Google has just released Chrome 9 beta. Chrome 9 comes with many new features, unlike Chrome 7 and Chrome 8.
Chrome 9 Beta comes with the following features:

The Adobe Flash plug in has been sand-boxed.Carlos Pizano,software engineer at Google explains, "The sandbox adds an additional layer of protection to further guard against malicious pages that try to hijack your computer or steal private information from your hard drive." The sandboxed Flash Player has been released on Chrome for Windows only, but will be released for Linux and Mac soon. 

  One more important feature of chrome 9 is that it includes WebGL support by default.WebGL is a revolutionary new Web technology that brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser without installing additional software
Google Instant has been integrated on the browser and needs to be enabled for use.with the google instant feature the webpages that you frequently visit will load as you begin typing in the address bar.