Dec 31, 2010

kazam Screecaster

Kazam screencast is simple lightweight application written in python language to record the screen activity. By using this users can create a good quality screencast and after creating the video can be edited, saved or can be directly uploaded to youtube or videobin. Unlike record-mydesktop Kazam encodes in a format that is compaitable with youtube. So you dont need to convert the video to play it in youtube.

To download kazam visit and install it according to the instructions given in the site. Launch the application by going to Applications>sound and video>Kazam Screencaster. This the will bring up the main window. You can enable or disable the audio by click on the checkbox. When you are ready, click the record button. After clicking on the record buton the recording will staring in 5 seconds which is shown in fig.2.

After recording is complete it will show you another window asking what do you want to do with the video. You can edit or save to the harddisk for later use. If you select kazam screencaster and click on continue , you will get a window with various options to export your video.You can directly upload your video to YouTube. Move the video and audio slider to adjust qulality. Enter a suitable title, keywords and some description about the video. Select the appropriate category of the video and click on export. In the next screen, enter your YouTube user name and password to complete the export. After exporting you will the get the URL of the video.