Jan 9, 2011

Zim-A Desktop Wiki

 Many people who search the web for a particular topic on web find it difficult to organize the small peices of information they encounter. For example, if you are a working on a project and you depend on searching on web for information about the project. You come across small pieces of information from various websites and want to note them in a simple, easy to mangage and editable way. Word processing tools like word MS word or Open Office Writer is not an approprite tool for this kind of work. Although there are small note taking appletes like StickyNotes, there are good only to note small information bits like phone number,email,address,etc,. One solution to this kind of problem is the Zim- A desktop wiki.

Zim brings the concept of a wiki to your desktop. Store information, link pages and edit with WYSISYG markup. Creating a new page is as easy as linking to a non-existing page. Pages are stored in a folder structure, like in an outliner, and can have attachments.
This tool can be used to keep track of TODO lists or ideas, to take notes during a meeting or to draft any other kind of text (blog entries, important mails, etc.). Unlike word processing tools like Writer,zim has a clean interface without any clutter of additional menus.

you can also embedd images,takes screen shots using the plugins,insert special characters,text from a file,attach a file.
Each notebook consists of a set of pages. Each page can contain, text, images and links to other pages. The pages can be arranged in a hierarchical index.