Jun 14, 2011

Google to acquire Admeld

Internet giant Google which gets its most its reveneues from online advertising, confirmed that it is acquiring admeld Inc. Admeld provides publishers with expertise & tech to sell ads smarter. Admeld in its june 10th blogpost posted by Micheal Barret said, "I'm happy to say that over the weekend our company entered into an aggrement to be acquired by Google. He further added that their relationship is driven by a shared belief that managing display advertising is far too complicated for publishers and together both the companies would adress this issue.

Google also has confirmed this in its blog post http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/helping-publishers-get-most-from.html

However there was no offical information on the price of acquisition. Unconfirmed reports estimated the value of the deal to be around $400 million.

This acquisition gains significance in the wake of the recent comments by Google's CEO Eric Schmidt that they didn't took the facebook very seriously. Facebook is now emerging as the new competitor for goolge in advertisements.