Jun 18, 2011


Webdoc is an innovative social platform for people to express themselves and interact with others online in ways that haven’t been possible until now. It's like the conversation is happening in real life. A new service where conversations happen in free-form spaces called “webdocs. you can put almost anything into a webdoc : pictures, videos and music from all over the web, but also interactive applications like games, polls, slideshows or web services such as Google Maps and Twitter. Its the most easiest way to create a mixed content and share with friends. To create your webdoc visit http://www.webdoc.com

webdoc in action from webdoc

Suppose that you have information about your favorite topic from various sources and in various formats like videos, images, text, graphics, games, maps, etc, you can insert all those in a webdoc, create a mixed content that is rich with graphics, polls, games, animations and share your webdoc with a unique link with your friends on the web.