Aug 26, 2011

cssed- CSS Editor

cssed is a simple application for creating cascading style sheets for your websites. It is an open source application developed under GPL. Cssed is a small developer editor and validator, that tries to ease the CSS editing.To create a style you don't need to write the code simply select the property and its corresponding value from the side bar present on the right side, the code will be added to the editing area. Also it has three wizards which helps you to simplify the creation of css. They are: selector wizard, color wizard and box properties wizard.The selector wizard allows you to add the required selectors easily, simply select the required selectors and click on add the all the selectors will be added.
The color wizard helps to set the color of background, foreground,border top, border bottom, border left, etc,.The box properties wizard you can set the width, height, margins, padding, borders of the box.
It features syntax highlighting, syntax validation, MDI notebook based interface, quick CSS properties and values insertion, auto-completion and dialog-based insertion of CSS complex values.Apart from good GUI properties, in cssed most of the tasks can be completed using the keyboard shortcuts (accelerators).
screen shot of cssed

Available plugins are: 

  • cssed-filebrowser-plugin: adds a file browser a la gnome2 
  • cssed-findinfiles-plugin: adds a tab to the footer panel, which allows you to search for a term from a given directory 
  • cssed-quicksearch-plugin: adds a search field to the toolbar, for use within the active document 
  • cssed-tag-plugin: adds a new tab to the footer panel, to create and browse tags created with exuberant-ctags 
  • cssed-vte-plugin: adds a console to the footer panel, from which you can execute any command line tool 
cssed is available in Ubuntu 11.04 synaptic managar.

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