Dec 14, 2011


Today I was going through the Ubuntu Software Center (USC) to find any applications that interests me. After some filtering and scrolling through the (USC) I found this simple, yet interesting application called PyRoom. It is a notepad with a difference. 

PyRoom is plain text editor just like another text editor. But what makes PyRoom special about is that it is a full screen editor. The whole screen is covered by the plain background and you are provided with a narrow resizable area in the middle of the screen for editing. This makes it easy to read or edit. You can write the text without being distracted by the Ubuntu menu bar or bottom bar. PyRoom has no menu bar or toolbar. This is a very good application to note down your first thoughts. There is no spell check, no bold or italic fancy quotes. The focus is only on writing.

Though it is minimal in features, you can customize the editor by pressing the Ctrl+P. Pressing Ctrl+P brings up a small window where you can set the preferences of PyRoom. Currently there are twelve themes. Auto save option is also available. You can resize the the text area, change text color, text background.

PyRoom is available in Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu 11.10