Dec 20, 2011

Ubuntu online tour

Linux based distributions can be frustrating for the first time users. It will be more difficult for the new people who wish to switch to Linux from windows as the user interface is changed in almost all major Linux distributions. You have to install the Linux  based OS to view its features but this can be time consuming process. Although there is a live CD mode for most Linux distributions, you have download the . ISO image, burn the image to the disk and try it by booting. This is also some what time consuming. But what if you can try the new OS on the web without any CD, DVD or installation.

Meet Ubuntu online tour. A website to get acquainted with the user interface of the Ubuntu. On this website you can see the features of the Ubuntu interface, experiment by exploring the menus and applications. There are two option two explore the interface. One is the 'guided tour' and the other is the 'show around yourself'. By selecting the former option, you will be auto guided by the program to explore various features of Ubuntu. Where as with latter option you are free to explore yourself.

The Ubuntu online tour interface is exactly similar to the interface of a real OS. It does not take long time to load the features. When you click on anything, the event happens instantaneously.

There is also download option to download Ubuntu. Once you have got enough understanding about the Ubuntu interface you can directly download from the Ubuntu online tour website. This is a very good web based application for newbies who want to try Linux or Ubuntu.

Have a great tour!!