Apr 29, 2014

HTML5 TUTORIAL: What’s new in HTML5?

The hot and latest version of HTML, HTML5 is the fifth revision of HTML. The reason we are on discussion about HTML5 now is because of its enriched multimedia features and multimedia support. We now will be able to embed complex web applications in the form of Application Programming Interfaces easily through this latest version.
Good news for you, if you are already into the development of the applications for the mobiles. HTML5 is considered by the developers as potential software for the cross platform mobile applications. The tasks that you develop can now be run on small and low powered devices too, like tablets, Smartphone. Sounds wider application of HTML, right? Before we take plunge into HTML5 Programming, Lets have a bird's eye view of what it offers for developers.
  1. The new features that have been developed in 5 are based on multiple modules like HTML, DOM, JavaScript and CSS.
  2. Important good news to the developer is that the external plug-ins and its usage can be minimized to a better extent.
  3. One more important factor that makes the developers and designers to feel relaxed is that its error-handling would be easier.
  4. Whatever the code you develop with HTML5 is now run on any device, as the applications work as device-independent.
  5. Now a long script can be shortened by replacing with more of markup.
  6. HTML5 is backward compatible with its previous versions. So, any code developed in it, can be run just like previous versions too.

HTML5 is a much more advanced tool that enables us to design more flexible web pages enriching with the plug-ins and multimedia content. To what extent and how sophisticated websites we can design, depends on our creativity. Sky's the limit for the creative people! Get ready to Rock!

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