May 29, 2014

New Mi Pad for Android Lovers is the Talk of the Town

Now Android lovers will even feel the pleasure of operating their own mini iPads, as new Xiaomi Mi Pad is launched for android freaks. As the fondness of Apple’s popular tablet is constantly on the rise this competitive Xiaomi Mi Pad goes to greater heights and has followed almost everything about the Apple’s famous tablet. As far as the structure of this Mi Pad goes, it has got a similar resolution of 2048 x 1536 and an appropriate screen size of 7.9 inches. Even if we talk about the iPad’s color, design and shape it is all similar to the iPhone 5C lineup.

Xiaomi does not believe in hiding any truths as it completely admits that it is using the same material as used on 5C. Even the customized MUI interface of Xiaomi iPad is inspired from iOS 7, however it runs on Android. Hugo Barra one of the top executive of Android was poached from Google by Xiaomi in order to be the next Chinese copycat in making devices in which he has made a successful attempt by launching Android based Mi Pad on similar grounds. Though the device has openly announced that things are quite similar to the Apple, however there is an area in which the Mi Pad stands out is its Tegra K1 device which is Nvidia’s latest chip. Great promises were made long time back, but now it’s time for this ultimate chip to prove its capability in real devices such as Mi Pad.

As far as the prices are concerned one can get a 16GB tablet for just 1499 yuan and you may have to pay 1699 yuan for 64GB of memory storage. The company is now looking forward to this device to fiddle with all the expectations that people have with Apple’s tablet and considering this as a low-price alternative to the expensive tablets. Now we just have to see that how soon people will get their hands onto this new device giving Apple a tough competition.