Jun 2, 2010

BlueCat Linux

BlueCat is LynuxWorks' distribution of open source Linux, enhanced to meet the requirements of embedded developers. BlueCat includes a royalty-free, open source Linux distribution and is compatible with the LynxOS RTOS, an industry leader in hard, real-time embedded software. With its heritage of reliability, availability, and serviceability, BlueCat has a common source base and development tools for multiple embedded targets.

BlueCat Linux delivers the flexibility and cost benefits of open-source software. It's uniquely constructed to be a stable, commercial-grade embedded operating system release which provides immediate productivity and optimized performance through:

  • Packages that are tailored to your varying requirements for tools and technical support
  • A comprehensive set of tools and board support packages for developing, debugging and deploying Linux into embedded environments
  • 20 years of LynuxWorks™ expertise and experience in embedded operating systems, the UNIX® programming model, POSIX® and more

BlueCat Embedded Linux features

  • Cross-development environment
    • 2.6 kernel
    • Microsoft Windows XP Pro
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
  • Target support:
    • Intel® IA-32, XScale®, PowerPC® 4xx, Embedded Xilinx FPGA-based processors and MicroBlaze
  • LynuxWorks development environment
    • Luminosity Eclipse-based IDE
    • GNU tool chains, gdb and gcc
    • Multithreaded debugger
    • Kernel debugging capabilities
  • Embedded target tools
    • Footprint minimization and kernel configuration
      • TinyLogin support
      • BusyBox support
    • Watchdog timer (for specific BSPs)