Jun 15, 2010

Samsung's bada platform now in India

A new mobile operating system has hit the Indian market. Samsung Electronics  launched its new smartphone platform bada in India. First announced in November last year, this new addition to Samsung's mobile ecosystem enables developers to create applications for millions of new Samsung mobile phones, and consumers to enjoy a fun and diverse mobile experience.

The bada platform was launched at the Global Developer Day organised by Samsung Electronics in Bengaluru.

Samsung bada supports various service-centric features such as social networking device synchronisation, content management, location-based services and commerce services -- all supported by back-end bada servers. These developer-friendly features support developers to implement various services with minimal effort.

Samsung bada enables developers to take full advantage of mobile device capabilities to create applications with ease. Applications can use device functions to make phone calls, send messages or access the contact list. Also, various service applications can share information such as personal profiles, social relations, schedules or contents with a simple user confirmation in order to provide services with greater personal relevance and cooperative service extension.

The company also announced the Samsung bada Developer Challenge at today's launch event. The Challenge is the first chance for developers to win a share of a $2,700,000 prize fund, simply by using the features of the new bada platform to build a variety of applications for bada devices. The Samsung bada Champion (Ist Prize winner) wins a grand prize of $300,000.