Jun 2, 2010

ROCK Linux

ROCK Linux is a modern Linux Distribution with a powerful auto-build process. It's mostly designed for skilled Linux/Unix Administrators. It's available for multiple platforms. ROCK Linux is a small distribution, but it's not a "mini distribution". It comes with over 200 packages including X11 and the GNOME Desktop - but excluding menu driven configuration tools (most professional users prefer configuration files). A reasonably well configured installation of Rock Linux should be useful for any computer user (even beginners).

ROCK Linux is a distribution build kit, a group of tools to build GNU/Linux distributions from source. It comes with a set of predefined distributions like the Crystal ROCK desktop target or the small, bootable bootdisk target, and allows users to easily customize the build process and create new targets.
The distributions that ROCK Linux generates are sometimes called ROCK Linux themselves, although the term ROCK Linux based distribution is more appropriate.
In a way ROCK Linux is a tool for managing OS solutions. It comes with the package managers mine and bize, the rocket tool for updates over network, and the ability to build (emerge) single packages into an existing Linux OS. For system administrators, a setup tool (stone) and reasonable System V style init scripts as well as other configuration files are provided.