Feb 21, 2010

Dreamlinux Desktop 3.5

Dreamlinux Team is proud to announce the final
version of Dreamlinux 3.5.

Dreamlinux is a Linux distribution based on
Debian Stable (Lenny) with several customizations
and many additions.
Continuing the tradition started with Dreamlinux
series 3.x, this 3.5 release is ready to meet the
requirements of a regular desktop user.
An extensive list of libraries, utilities and applications needed to support multimedia, graphics design and
office tasks, come packaged in a CD-sized iso image.
A DVD iso image with more applications is also



If you're searching for an operating system that allows the freedom of worldwide communication; to use the same types of material produced by a worldwide community to read, write and produce art, drawings, images, music etc... better yet; to easily, quickly and safely share them all, you will now have no excuse to not give Dreamlinux 3.5 Desktop Edition a try.

Dreamlinux Desktop Edition 3.5 is a complete redesign of the distro, now supporting a totally independent architecture named Flexiboost* , based on overlaid modules.

This Flexiboost modules' feature allows the co-existence of two or more window managers (currently Gnome and Xfce) and to share the same customized appearance. Both desktop working environments share all the applications available.

Packaging the best office, image, design and multimedia OpenSource Software (OSS), Dreamlinux 3.5 Desktop Edition allows you to produce professional-quality contents.

Integrating the test-proven Linux OS base with a well organized and clean Desktop, you will experience a new way of interacting with and utilizing your