Feb 21, 2010

KateOS:A simple yet fully functional and fully-featured OS

What is a KateOS?

KateOS is a free (as in freedom) multitasking operating system targeted toward intermediate Unix users. It combines the most popular Open Source software with its own original solutions. KateOS has a simple yet fully functional and fully-featured TGZex package system which makes system administration and updating a breeze. KateOS also has a set of text-mode and graphical tools for system configuration, user-friendly text-mode and graphical installation systems, a unified PAM authorization system, and many more solutions which make system maintenance a lot easier while preserving the classical Unix structure of the system. The main foci of KateOS are efficiency, security, reliability, and low system requirements. Support for common multimedia is also included.

Why KateOS?

The first thing to realize about Unix systems is that there is a division between three basic types:

  • desktop - aimed primarily at home users, often lacking security and requiring powerful hardware
  • server - focused on safety and efficiency, but with no multimedia programs
  • general purpose - distributions that contain hundreds of packages with wide dependencies. They often have high system requirements.



KateOS aims to combine the advantages of all these basic types. In the case of system configuration, KateOS does not often hold the user's hand as most desktop distributions do, but the stability and efficiency of the KateOS system are incomparably higher.

How much does KateOS cost?

The system is completely free-of-charge and legally so, as it contains only free software. Everyone can download the CD ISO images and use KateOS on an unlimited number of computers.

What about commercial applications?

Many market leaders provide binary versions of their Unix software for Linux. All of these applications work on KateOS without problems.

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