Feb 21, 2010

Epidemic GNU/Linux:An extremely simple to use debian based distro

Epidemic GNU/Linux: a completely free Debian based operating system that’s fast, efficient, modern in every way, plus extremely simple and easy to use!



Epidemic GNU/Linux is distributed as a LiveDVD. Simply burn the downloaded .ISO file to a blank DVD, boot from it, and instantly enjoy the operating system! Computer hardware is automatically detected and configured, even while running Epidemic directly from the DVD. All the programs accompanying it (office suite, audio players, video games, web browsers, p2p applications, etc.) may be run directly from the DVD without installing the system on your computer’s hard drive.

clip_image006 LivePendrive

If you prefer,  in just a few minutes you can create a LivePendrive version of Epidemic, which can be used in the same way as the LiveDVD. This includes the option to save (persistent data) any changes you make while using it.

clip_image008Special Applications Installer

Epidemic uses Easy Channel, an exclusive web based application installer. With it the installation of programs such as Google Earth, Opera Browser, Alien Arena, Picasa, Skype, VirtualBox, Wine Doors, etc., can be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

clip_image010 Modern Pleasing Look

Epidemic utilizes the latest in modern desktop environments, KDE 4 with Compiz Fusion. Even when running from the DVD this combination provides an easy, intutive and fun way to interact with the operating system. It also provides speed and utility, together with special effects that will leave you and your friends impressed!

clip_image012Fast and Easy System Installer

You can of course install Epidemic directly onto your computer, providing a much faster OS that permits customization through the installation or removal of select programs, desktop themes, etc.  eInstaller is a fast and easy to use system installer developed by the Epidemic Linux Development Team. It provides maximum ease of installation either directly on your computer, or if you wish the creation of a Live Pendrive version of Epidemic in just minutes.

clip_image008[1]Open Source

Epidemic is free software, based on the Debian Project, and is distributed under terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). It may be freely used, redistributed, or modified with proper credit given.

Download Epidemic GNU/Linux at http://www.epidemiclinux.org/