Feb 21, 2010


Granular is a Linux-based operating system, also called a distribution (or distro, for short). It is based on PCLinuxOS and aimed at providing an easy-to-use, stable, and functional Linux experience to the end users.

Starting from Granular 2 (Wolverine) onwards, Granular will be based on Unity Linux.

granularproject.org is the central place to find everything there is related to Granular.

What is Granular Linux?

Granular is an easy to use Linux operating system which is suitable for the newbies in the world of Linux as well as the regular users. Featuring more customizability and user-friendliness, Granular is ready to use for all the daily chores like creating documents, collecting images, surfing the Internet, making presentations & spreadsheets, playing games, communicating with mates, and much more.
Granular comes as a
LiveCD, which means you don't have to install it to try it.

The literal meaning of the word Granular in the computing world is :
"The degree of modularity of a system. More granularity implies more flexibility in customizing a system, because there are more, smaller increments (granules) from which to choose."

Granular also contains a lot of customizable themes, splashes, wallpapers, and other stuff that helps to customize Granular according to your needs. Another notable feature is the presence of two desktop environments -- KDE and Enlightenment (E17).

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The K Desktop Environment is a powerful desktop environment which is extremely flexible and customizable with all the good looks. The E17 environment on the other hand is a light-weight desktop environment which is faster than KDE but less flexible than it. E17 is also known for its eye-candy and is delightful to use.

The most important aspect about Granular is that it is intended to be a community-oriented project which would derive its features from the contributing members. So we, the present members of the project, urge you to come ahead to join Team Granular and make your contribution in whatever way you can. Help improve Granular and make it the easiest to use Linux distribution.

General Screenshots


GRUB Menu in Granular 1


Granular 1.0 booting


Granular login screen


Compiz Fusion in Granular


Amarok playing an audio file


SMPlayer playing a video


Document opened in AbiWord


Installation of uTorrent using Wine


uTorrent running

KDE Screenshots


Default desktop (KDE)


Granular's Menu (Kickoff)


Granular StartPoint

Enlightenment (E17) Screenshots


E17 Desktop


E17 Menu


E17 Desktop 2

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